Kidscorner voor kinderdagverblijf
Everything should be child-oriented

Children are thrilled to come to our day care centre!

Everything should be child-oriented', these are the values from which Tierlantijn has chosen an IKC play concept. In an interview with Sylvia Mol, manager of the day care centre, she talks about the choice and the special place of the play concept.

The play concept is located at the entrance and can be admired immediately upon entering. A real surprise! The play concept is deliberately placed near the entrance so that parents and children are surprised when they first get to know the centre. Children can get to know the day care centre in a playful manner, while parents are informed. The play concept therefore has a positive effect on parents. The fact that children visibly enjoy themselves makes it easier for them to choose a day-care centre. 

Quality, play and movement!

And what other values should the play corner comply with? Sylvia came up with that in cooperation with her colleagues. Employees made a mood board independently, which clearly showed what they thought a play concept should look like. 

It was important that the play concept would encourage children to play and move around and that motor skills could be trained in a playful manner. The request came to give the children's corner natural elements. 

Sylvia is very pleased with the kids corner and the cooperation with our account manager Niels. After our first contact, Niels came by promptly to go through our wishes. The teamwork to make the kids corner a success, right down to the last detail, is great' commented Sylvia Mol.
We are all focused on the child, and this is reflected in the play concept!
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