IKC viert Internationale Dag van de Rechten van het Kind, World Children's Day 2021
"A better future for every child"

World Children’s Day 2021

On 20 November we celebrate World Children’s Day – a special day established by the United Nations to create more awareness for children’s rights. For 32 years this day has been celebrated again and again as there unfortunately still are children in the world who do not have this security.

Around the world, fun activities and events are being hosted on this special day. For this year, UNICEF has chosen a number of Youth Ambassadors who each bring a certain topic to light, such as equality, racism and special attention for children with physical disabilities.

Children have a right to play

One of the articles in the UN Convention on the Right of the Child states that every child should be able to play and leisure. Not only should they have the freedom to participate in fun creative activities encouraged by the government, but play is also crucial for their development. Playing is one of the main components to building their creativity, imagination, dexterity and confidence so they can overcome challenges of the future.

At IKC, we try to contribute to this right in our own way by providing fun and safe play corners in all kinds of places, for business in various sectors, where children can enjoy themselves freely and undisturbed, no matter where they are taken into the adult world. Children have a right to be who they are, and to enjoy their childhood for as long as possible!

Why do we celebrate days like these?

The existence of internationally acknowledged days is most of all an important and useful tool to generate more attention for important but often avoided problems in our society. These international days are the perfect moment for chosen ambassadors to organise special activities on a large scale, which create awareness for these problems in a fun way. These days, social media is one of the best and most convenient platforms to raise awareness in creative ways.

Would you like to know more about how IKC can create a special play corner for your smallest visitors? Feel free to contact us for personalised advice.