Op deze afbeelding staat een custom speelsysteem geplaatst in een wachtkamer van een ziekenhuis
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From design to installation – IKC arranges everything!

A tailor made kids’ play area

Custom made play concepts ensure that your kids’ corner is fully in line with your organization. IKC can completely modify any play concept. From a unique idea to a realistic 3D drawing, our design team visualizes your wishes so you know beforehand exactly what you can expect. The follow-up steps, like production and installation, are also managed entirely by IKC, so the quality for each step can be guaranteed.

A relaxed consultation through play

Rijndam Rehabilitation Healthcare Institute already preceded you. In collaboration with the Erasmus MC-location and the DADA foundation, we placed a kids’ concept in the form of an ambulance. Children can enjoy themselves with wall games and an interactive play system. For a moment, the playing children can escape from their daily lives and worries, making them less nervous during their visit to the hospital and they’ll be more relaxed going into the consultation.

Following the input from Rijndam Rehabilitation, one of our designers visualized the design in 3D. This design got an enthusiastic approval of the customer, giving us the go-ahead to start the follow-up process.

Op deze afbeelding staat het proces van een custom speelsysteem


The journey from concept to end result

During this process, production documents are prepared and shared with our own factory in China. Here the products are manufactured and tested. They need to pass the quality control to ensure that they meet all the most important European safety standards (EN-71).

The approved products have a long journey ahead, from the factory to our warehouse in the Netherlands. After the play concepts reach our warehouse, the installation team will go and make the customer happy with their unique and safe kids’ corner. And all this happens within the timespan of only 12 weeks.

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