Family Play Table
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IKC presents a new concept: De Family Play Table!

Sneak Peek! The Family Play Table!

IKC presents a new concept: The Family Play Table! At the Family Play Table your guests will encounter the board games of the past. The Family Play Table can be placed in bungalows and group accommodations, but also in public spaces. The Play Table replaces the old board games and gives your accommodation a tidy and luxurious look. No more loose parts that can get lost and therefore no more incomplete games! The integrated light effects make it easy to see which player is next. When a player has won, the winning side will light up big. 

One of the advantages of the Family Play Table is that the 3D software is custom made. The corporate identity of your company can be incorporated into the appearance, with a logo and colors of your company. The recognizability of these colors increases the experience of your brand. Not only for children, but for the whole family!

IKC is still in the process of developing the Family Play Table and hopes to bring it to the market in early 2021. Follow the developments through our social media channels and the website.

Are you interested? Please contact us for more information!

Family Play Table
Family Play Table