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Even greater experience with signing

Signing completes the picture!

From this year on, IKC's offer is even wider. Of course, we had already focused on the total experience for children in and around our play concepts, by also including the entire wall and floor covering in different themes. This allows children to imagine themselves in a completely different world while playing. In addition, it is increasingly important nowadays for an organisation to stand out. Nowadays, families want a total experience when shopping or visiting a showroom.

In addition to play areas, various organisations also request signing or signposting within the company. Think of walking routes and marking of meeting points.

Now IKC also provides signing or signage services in addition to play areas within organisations. Especially in these corona times there are many companies who would like to have a clear walking route or stickers in their own house style for the 1.5 metre markings.

To meet this expectation, in addition to the regular play corners, we now try to help organisations to give their company an even better image by applying signing in their own house style and wishes. Organisations can also communicate messages, promote a special action or inform customers.

By signing, an organisation can extend its identity throughout the company in a simple and effective way. Perhaps we can do something for your organisation!

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