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Coronavirus explained to kids

Protecting children against the Coronavirus

In December 2019, the outbreak of the Coronavirus started in China, which is now spreading fast all over the world. Measures are being taken all over the world to prevent further spread. We, as IKC, want to contribute to this as well.

Watch and share our Coronavirus video

The measures taken to prevent the spreading of the Corona virus, can be confusing for children. That is why we have made a child-friendly video. This video provides a simple explanation about the Corona virus, its symptoms and how to prevent the spread of the virus.

By clearly describing the virus and its symptoms, we hope that children will recognise the virus and that they will immediately inform their parents if they feel sick. In this video we also focus on the importance of personal and public hygiene, for example by emphasizing hand washing.

Share this video with as many families as possible and reduce the risk of the virus spreading among children worldwide.

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