This image shows a boy playing with a educational wall game
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Learning playfully with educational play systems

Playing and learning in the kids' corner at Kennemerduinen

Playing contributes to the learning process of children from an early age. Through play, children learn to understand situations and to think ahead. They become creative, inventive and they explore the world. The kids' corner of the Kennemerduinen visitor centre is a perfect example of how playing and learning can be combined. Check out the end result of this project here.

Fun in tune with the nature reserve

The visitor centre forms the main entrance to National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. This is a large dune area in the Netherlands with beautiful flora and fauna. The kids' corner consists of custom wall games that help children to understand the water cycle in these dunes. They also learn about separating waste to keep the nature reserve clean and about the animals that can be found in the national park. The Forex wall, which is placed behind the wall games, shows elements from the nature park such as the lake, the observatory and the Scottish Highland cattle.

This image shows a boy playing with a educational wall game


The visitor centre has added the educational kids' corner to their exhibition area, because they want to offer enough activities for young and old. By placing the play corner in the exhibition area, children can enjoy themselves while their parents and other visitors have more time to admire the exhibition.

The IKC play concepts are suitable for all children. Every child learns and plays in his or her own way with our play systems. Are you also looking for educational play concepts?

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