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The new generation wants to dine in family friendly restaurants

Now that new generations are becoming parents, hospitality establishments are regularly having to reconsider their menu, restaurant layout and interior design. The new generations are in fact looking for healthier eating establishments where their children have the space to play freely, while the adults can eat and drink at their leisure.    

Unhygienic ball pits and dangerous climbing structures are a thing of the past. Nowadays, visitors expect the play area to be as safe and clean as the rest of the restaurant. The new child-friendly restaurants are therefore increasingly focusing on discerning parents with higher expectations of their dining experience, both for themselves and their children.


It used to be a challenge to find a family-friendly restaurant with a healthy menu. Back then, it was mainly the fast food restaurants that focused on children. Nowadays an increasing number of different hospitality establishments see the importance and advantages of satisfied families. Therefore, the number of family friendly restaurants is increasing. Making it easier for parents to choose a healthy, yet family-friendly option.

"Our kids’ corner gives us an advantage over our competitors, they don't have a play area. And as a result, families come to us more often." According to Irene Maris of Beachclub Kaaphoorn. "In addition, the kids’ corner also ensures that guests stay longer and order more."    

Today's children are the next generation of guests, so it's simply smart marketing to make the children feel welcome in your restaurant from an early age.

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