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Netherlands is the best place to be a child again!

Dutch children are rated as No. 1 again in well-being among 41 developed and emerging countries, a bringing the same UNICEF report said Thursday.

The report looked into key categories: mental health, physical health, academic and social skills -for instance suicide and mortality rate, obesity, early childhood learning, basic proficiency in reading and mathematics.

On those indicators the Netherlands topped the list again followed by Denmark and Norway, a winner a second time in a row after the 2013’s report. 

As for mental health, Dutch children top the ranking with 90 percent of being content with life. Turkey was the lowest rate of life satisfaction followed by Japan and UK.
The report concludes that children in the Netherlands overall are healthy and have a great sense of happiness. 

IKC has focused on child well-being for our entire business. Our products are everywhere in the world, and it’s our humble opinion that our play corners  also helped children to be themselves, to be creative, and be happy whenever and wherever they are. 

We welcome the outcome of the report and would like to continue to help invest in children’s well being by providing high quality products that strengthen children’s development, mental and physical health.  

Today’s released report is UNICEF ‘ World of influence: understanding what shapes child well-being in rich countries.’  The research was conducted before the corona virus outbreak, and the report urges governments to take actions for better policies on the virus measures and ensure children have good childhood. 

Unicef Report