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International Senior Concepts

In the past few months, we have worked very hard on a new branch of our business. Through International Senior Concepts, we want to focus on the activity concepts for the elderly.

Marco Lankman, owner of IKC is enthusiastic about the new branch of the company ''We believe that the foundation of happiness through play is the same for all people, regardless whether they are young or old. From this value International Senior Concepts has been founded!"

ISC produces concepts for the elderly that consist of both digital and wooden modules. Where normally play concepts for children are devised, our designers were also busy developing products for retirement homes in the past few months. A table on which the elderly can play old fashioned games or wall modules that stimulate reaction and memory.

We are currently running a number of products in various retirement homes. The test phase is a great time for ISC, using the findings from the field to develop our products into the very best. ISC will go live from July 1st and the concepts will soon be available in 6 different countries.

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Concepten voor ouderen