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Children playfully learn about waste disposal

How Oman is introducing an environmentally conscious waste disposal system

Not all over the world waste disposal is as advanced as in the Netherlands, for example. Together with Expandable trailers, we had the opportunity to create a unique educational play concept. The unique trailers are designed as a mobile school with educational environmental awareness as its goal. In the trailer, children can learn about the importance of proper waste disposal and how it works in a fun and playful way. Children are the future, all the more important to educate them about nature. The trailer can be folded down to a quarter of its width to fit behind a truck, making it easily transportable. The trailer is mainly aimed at children aged 5 - 9 and it can hold up to 30 children at a time. There is plenty to do in the trailer, from wall puzzles and educational software to bead tables and sensory activities. Oman has invested in infrastructure and waste management in recent years to provide the country with a waste system similar to that of the western countries. To assist people, animals and the environment. With an annual average of 28.9 degrees, the temperatures in Oman have also been taken into account. By installing an air-conditioning system, the indoor temperature can be regulated, the windows are fitted with a sun-blocking film. This special foil already blocks the first heat caused by the sun. The trailer is constructed from recycled materials, which fit perfectly within the story.

The educational and environmental games

Our designers have designed several wall games to go with the theme, to make children aware of the importance of waste separation. If they learn that waste belongs in the bin and not on the street, they can help make a success of waste disposal. Read the backstory of some of the wall games below.

The first wall game has sliders with large and normal waste. The goal of the game is to take the waste to the right bin. The buttons are guided through the tracks and at the rotating wheel they can be sorted into the right bin.

The idea of the following game is for children to learn to take the trash out of the village and throw it in the appropriate bins. Separating the waste keeps it away from the many wild animals living in the area. The waste bins are placed at the very bottom to highlight that they are not in the village.

The children are also taught which objects belong in the recycling bin and which are edible for the animals. The background shows the environment, nature and animals. The buttons have different items, such as a cardboard box, grass and hay. The children are challenged to slide the buttons to the right place.

See an image below with examples of the games mentioned above.
image with custom educational wall games

Children are also taught how it works to have their own water supply in their homes. The round spinning game shows a house with a water tap. By turning the game, the water drops are transported from the clouds as rain to the water. This allows it to reach the house via nature and the water comes out of the tap. The water drops are purified in the national system and returned to nature through the pipes. This cycle can be repeated again and again by turning the play wheel. 

The following rotating wall game shows children the life cycle of materials. How the basic material is brought to the factory, how it is led further and further through the process, the final product and back again to basic material. 

Children can also playfully learn how to operate the bin and put the waste in it. This game teaches children the importance of closing the bins. This prevents larger animals from taking out the waste. The pens, the balls and the waste bin are magnetic. With one pen the bin can be opened, with the other pen the balls can be dragged into the bin. Afterwards, the container can also be closed in the same way.

See an image with the 3 games mentioned here below.
wall games with an educational purpose

A 65-inch screen has been installed in the cinema area, showing a film that demonstrates the importance of treating the environment well. The screen is placed on a special bracket that can be operated electrically. The screen can be placed lower to provide children with the opportunity to play educational games on the touchscreen as well. To use the room as a cinema, the screen is moved up and the film can be shown. Special benches have been placed for children to sit on during the film. These benches can also be used as storage and can be opened through the seat cushions.

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