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Home Center Wolvega: The greatest home living experience in the Netherlands

How the kids' corner started at the store

Home Center started as a shop in the centre of Wolvega. In 1982, they moved to the industrial zone to expand. The market for furniture sales has now continued to develop many years later. One significant change was the rise of the web shop. As a result, the traditional retailer, has to be flexible in running its shop operation and pull out bigger stops to retain customers and attract new ones. At Home Center, the largest percentage of sales consists of custom-made furniture, this cannot be found in a webshop. Mr Kapenga also sees the furniture mall as a form of recreation, an experience that should leave a positive impression. Therefore, he is always trying to make it as relaxing and fun for customers as possible.

A wide range of products for every budget

Home Center's target market is the northern part of the Netherlands with a 45-minute drive time. Because Home Center targets 95% of the population, there is a wide choice between €250 and €25,000.  This puts Home Center not in the lowest segment in terms of budget, but also not in the highest. To motivate this target group to get in their cars there is also free expert advice. The interior stylists give advice on colours, materials, furniture, layout and lighting, among other things. 
'Shopping for furniture and furnishings is about emotion, this experience should always be positive'

Guest service and a complete experience for shoppers

Visitors to Home Center are welcomed as guests. There is free parking with the possibility of charging electric cars and bicycles. This is made possible by the solar panels that make the premises energy-neutral. There is also a free cup of coffee for every guest and the kids' play area. Visitors to Home Center are welcomed as guests. There is free parking with the possibility of charging electric cars and bicycles. This is made possible by the solar panels that make the premises energy-neutral. There is also a free cup of coffee for every guest and the kids' play area. To make the visit even more worthwhile, they have a temporary promotion. During their "world trip", guests can pick up a "passport" at reception. At each shop, they can get a stamp and with a full passport, they have a chance to win a travel cheque worth €1500! A fun detail is that the receptionists wear real stewardess hats to complete the experience. That alone is motivation enough to pay a visit to this beautiful home decorating mall.

To complete the experience, they have a special babysitting service for kids aged 3 and above. A babysitter is arranged during weekends, holidays and holidays. While parents can calmly choose a new interior or listen to the advice of the interior stylists, the children can play under supervision. This makes shopping for new furnishings even easier than at home on a webshop!
Kinderhoek in speeldorp van woonwinkel

The development of the kids' play area

The owner in 1982 had young children himself and, as a result, saw the importance of entertainment for children, and that is how it started. The first kids' corner in Home Center had a ball pit and an indoor race track with scooters with a coin system. This play area was suitable for children between 4 and 6 years old.

In 1998, it was time to replace the race track scooters. Because the coin system still involved discussions between parents and children, Sikko Kapenga, the director of Home Center Wolvega, decided to redesign the kids' corner. Among other things, a cinema with 30 seats was added. There were also game consoles and a creativity corner. The age category was expanded to 4-12 years with this new kids' corner.

With the rapid development of gaming computers, 20 years later, in 2018, it was decided to move and upgrade the kids' corner. The play area was moved to another area to allow the restaurant to grow as well. Sikko started looking for a partner to realise the new kids' corner and came to IKC.

The requirements for the play area were discussed thoroughly with our account manager Niels Jellema. The main idea for the play corner was an innovative timeless kids' corner. One that can run independently with maintenance-free elements and easy-to-operate game consoles. Because the cinema is a great success, it naturally had to stay there. In close consultation, a unique concept was created by our design department. The overall picture was far beyond expectations! The decision was made right then and there to make the concept a reality.
kinderen spelen met interactieve speeltafel in grote ikc play speelruimte van woonboulevard

How do visitors feel about the kids' corner?

We get many compliments on the perfect facilities for the children. Even families and grandparents come with their children to play in the kids' village. While the children are having fun, they can enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry in the restaurant. Some children even came from the neighbourhood to play by themselves, but parents are required to come along.

"Whether the kids' corner has an effect on staff productivity and well-being is difficult to measure. We really only see happy people and that's what we want." 

Because the visitor to Home Center Wolvega is a guest who always deserves the best shopping experience, Sikko is always brainstorming how to give guests as much luxury and pampering as possible. Therefore, he will definitely recommend a kids' corner to other entrepreneurs in the industry, but only if the space allows it.

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