Playing at Jumbo Klieverik Hengelo with a custom IKC play system
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Entrepreneur Mirko Klieverik goes for 100% customer experience and best service with new kids' corner

The development of the customer experience at supermarket Jumbo Klieverik

In 2015, the Dutch supermarket chain C1000 made the big switch to Jumbo. Mirko Klieverik, the entrepreneur in charge of Jumbo Klieverik, also immediately moved his shop to more spacious premises during this drastic change. Setting up a new Jumbo shop is a careful process, with the head office providing a plan of what the shop should look like. Because there are many decisions to be made during a transition, the focus on the children unfortunately became a bit less of a priority.

Every three years, Jumbo carries out a "reset" in its shops. This involves looking at how the shopping experience can be improved. Mirko, together with Dennis, the manager of Jumbo Klieverik, took a critical look at the shop during this reset to determine what improvements could be made. "If everyone says you have to go to the right, we first start reasoning whether this is really the best thing for our customer. If it is not then we will go in a different direction. You have to take the customer seriously, the customer is our focus."

These changes considered not only the adults, but also the children. Play fun for the children was also one of the first concerns. Since there was only a small area of play fun in the shop, it was decided to create a larger play corner. This will allow parents to shop in peace while the children have fun in a safe environment. But the fathers have also been thought of! For them, Klieverik has expanded the range of special beers. So they can browse the large range of special beers in peace and quiet, while the kids play in the kids' corner. Besides these customer-oriented adjustments, some practical changes were also made. For instance, the wall tiles were given a new colour and the aisles were widened to provide an even more pleasant shopping experience.

In line with this customer-oriented approach, Mirko also applied for a 2-hour parking zone from the city council. This, because there were increasingly frequent long-term parkers from the school next door. As a result, customers could no longer park their cars to do their shopping.
Extra brede gangpaden bij Jumbo Klieverik in Hengelo

The search for a greater play area

After a short online search, Mirko and Dennis ended up at IKC. To discuss the requirements and possibilities, our account manager Niels went to Hengelo (NL). The main points for the kids' corner were: different from the rest, interactive and the children must be able to play in it. The outside should have a quiet look and the inside should offer a lot of play value. It should also be possible to supervise the children. Niels also noted during the conversation that cars are an important thing for Mirko and Dennis.

After all wishes were discussed, this was passed on to our design department and they created a unique design. The design consists of a real old school VW transporter in the familiar Jumbo colours and the Jumbo Klieverik logo on it. After sharing the design, Mirko and Dennis were immediately enthusiastic. All their wishes were perfectly incorporated into a recognisable design. The decision was immediately made unanimously: the play corner had to happen.

The kids' corner is placed next to the fresh plaza. This central location makes the kids' corner easy to see from every aisle. Parents can let the children play in the play corner and still keep an eye on them. "Even though these meters cannot be used for merchandise, they allow us to serve entire families. The missing products do not outweigh the gain of returning customers and the longer stay in the shop." Says Dennis, the store manager of Jumbo Klieverik. "If you let floor planning set up the shop, it will be full of goods. As an entrepreneur, you have to be aware that space has to be made in the shop for Jumbo's future customers."

As store manager, Dennis is the ambassador of the entire shopping experience for both the customer and the children who come along. He therefore believes that more attention should be given to children, even in other supermarkets. "As a shop is not made of elastic, space must be made for a positive customer experience. This is why Mirko Klieverik is investing in wider aisles and playtime for children; the customers of the future. This is always possible, but you have to want it. Every day, people play intensively in the kids' corner. Children would prefer to stay in the supermarket all day!"

"The kids want to go to the supermarket with the yellow van!"

de kinderspeelhoek bij Jumbo Klieverik

Mirko aims for the best service and extensive choice for his customers

The supermarket business is always changing. Legislation is also causing supermarkets to have to change a lot. Think deposit on cans and small bottles, plastic banning and an extra tax on single use plastic items. The emergence of the self-scan checkout has also been a major adjustment. The self-scan checkout is not a saving, but a trend you have to join. Mirko, the entrepreneur behind Jumbo Klieverik, wants to sell only the best products. That is why the fresh kitchen is an important part of the shop. There are many fresh products and sandwiches to be had, everything is just a little bit extra. Extra healthy, extra cared for and an extra experience including the new kids' corner. In addition to this extensive fresh cuisine, they also stock the artisanal products of Gustaf pastry shop. Gustaf is the best pastry baker in the east, so they can also offer more local products. This allows Jumbo Klieverik to distinguish itself even more from other supermarkets and give customers a truly unique experience.

See Jumbo Klieverik's portfolio here for an impression.

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