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The design table, where it all begins

Our creative product designers are constantly innovating our products, sketching new play landscapes, creating new unique products and translating your needs into a great design. 

Any design specifically designed for children

A good design at International Kids Concepts means the right combination of function, quality, safety, sustainability, education and enjoyment, perfectly suited to the imagination of a child and the wishes of our customers.

A good concept makes everyone feel at home, where everyone can be themselves. This can only be achieved by being actively involved from the start to the finish of our play concepts. From sketch to 3D design, from manufacture in our own factory to the realization of our custom-made products.

Infinite possibilities

The possibilities of our creative design team to bring your organization and style to life are limitless. Find the personality of your organization back in our tailor made designs, designed specifically for you.

Together we can make unique concepts by combining your needs, corporate identity, logo and visitors with our passion and creativity, which fits everyone’s needs.

Our own creative design specialists can make a complete 3D proposal, including photo realistic renders that depict specific details. Your sketch will become reality and your child friendly ideas will be brought to life. The possibilities are endless. Be amazed, so your visitors can be amazed when they’re visiting your organization!

Wondering what our design team can do for you?

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