Kinderhoek als onderdeel van een wachtruimte
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An interview about the added value of play!

A child-friendly environment at Hospital CWZ Nijmegen

In an interview with Annette Goosensen, Head of the Paediatrics Outpatient Clinic at the CWZ in Nijmegen, it is clearly stated how valuable a play concept is for the hospital.

Due to an internal relocation within the CWZ, the Outpatient Clinic recently went through an extensive renovation. Research has been done among the patients in order to be more in touch with their needs. ‘We researched what patients would like to see in the new department, we collected all this information and discussed it internally. It mainly showed that parents with young children needed a bit of distraction in the waiting room', says Annette, 'We chose to work with IKC, after all they are the specialists in games!’

It is very cool what you can do for parents and children to make a hospital visit as pleasant as possible. 

Playing distracts children and makes them feel relaxed. Doctors and nurses notice this later on in the treatment room. A play concept at a strategic location provides a sense of calm and therefore a more efficient way of working.

Kinderhoek als onderdeel van een wachtruimte

What can children play with?

IKC placed various play elements for children to amuse themselves with. With the 17-inch touch screen on the wall, children can play to their heart's content. The free-standing play tower, with wall games on all four sides, provides children with a lot of fun! The games are specially made and have a positive effect on the hand/eye coordination of children. This is stimulated in a playful manner. 

Hilarious moments in the waiting room!

Annette tells us, with a smile, 'Sometimes children are so focused on playing that they don't even realise it's their turn. Parents sometimes have to point this out to their children, which causes hilarious moments in the waiting room for other patients as well.'

Kinderhoek wachtruimte

Pleasant cooperation!

The cooperation with Niels Jellema of IKC is experienced as very pleasant. 'It's nice that there is the possibility to compose the play modules yourself. It has become a beautiful light space, the bright colours of the play modules impress children and create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere in the waiting room'.

Create this amazing experience in your waiting room! 

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