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The perfect kids' corner for the leisure sector

Kids' corners for the leisure sector

Every leisure facility is different, but a kids’ corner always has a positive effect on the experience of your visitors. This way parents can enjoy an extra cup of coffee in the cafe, customers can browse and shop at ease in the souvenir shop and it adds play value in places where your guests have to wait. 

For adults this is often not a problem, but for the youngest visitors it can lead to boredom. A play corner gives children the positive distraction they need at a moment like this. A kids’ corner in the leisure branch has many advantages, such as: 

  • Your guests will stay longer
  • Higher revenues per guest
  • Higher brand awareness
  • Your guests are more likely to return

Looking after your youngest guests and keeping their boredom at bay means every guest will enjoy themselves and feel welcome. This creates a friendly atmosphere for your guests and employees.

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