this image shows a kidscorner in a townhall
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Play value as one of the focal points in your interior design

Play value as part of your interior design

We have been developing play concepts that truly work for many years and often in collaboration with interior designers. 

Taking play value into consideration during your design process creates a perfect integration.   We can help turn your design ideas into reality from wall and floor graphics through to how games are laid out to create the most appealing and user friendly look.

Parents feel invited to return more often and other visitors see happy children. Client revenues increase, just like the overall visitor experience.

That is what we call The Power of Play.

  • visitors stay longer and spend more
  • increased hospitality means a higher customer satisfaction
  • visitors are more likely to return
  • competitive advantage for your client
  • higher brand awareness

Let's not forget: today's playing child is your future customer. Interested to learn how IKC can help you include play value into your project?

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this image shows a kidscorner with wall game