Juliet Interactive Touchscreen Green

The Juliet Game Computer is a compact game computer with touch screen that can be attached to any wall or IKC gaming system. The game console matches the sizes of the IKC play panels. The PlayTouch Julite is equipped with the latest PlayTouch All-In-One hardware and software developed within IKC studio.

Software: The software consists of 13 different educational and child-friendly software that is equipped with different age categories ranging from 3 to 10 years.

Hardware: The touchscreen is equipped with safety glass and is low in power consumption due to the use of the latest technical hardware developments.

The design housing is provided with multiple layers of high-quality waterborne paint that will play for years to come.


Playtouch Software
Galaxy Explorers


  • Height70 cm
  • Width45 cm
  • Depth9 cm
  • Weight15 kg
  • Article numberPP00365
\Juliet Interactive Touchscreen Green