TouchTable software challenges children on a 32-inch touch screen. The software is made in such a way that 4 children, from different sides, can play at the same time. Play soccer with each other, eat a bite of sushi or catch the fish in the pond. The software connects with the child's world of experience and teaches them to discover and develop through playful use of interactive games. The TouchTable is aimed at children from 6 to 13+ years and contains 8 games.


The TouchTable software takes children to a city where they undertake various activities. So is the soccer stadium in the north, you fish in the corresponding canal and you go out to eat in the center. This set-up creates a vibrant play world that stimulates children's imagination and places the games in the same theme.


The software is specially designed for a 32-inch touch screen that can be placed flat, so that children can play and learn together. Children stand around the screen, playing along from four angles and watching from even more. The screen has a very large viewing angle and is made of special safety glass that guarantees the safety of children. Curious about the possibilities for your organisation? Contact us and ask for the possibilities.



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