Kids Corners In A Public Area

Kids Corners In A Public Area

Kids Corners In A Public Area

Kids corner in the public sector

A kids corner in your government building or at your airport will create a more pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Instore Kids Corners can help your organisation in the public sector with the installation of custom kid’s corners.

With our play corners, your organisation will become child-friendly, which will make families feel more welcome. IKC kid’s corners are made in your house-style. They are very safe, they are SGS certified and they are easy to clean & maintain. Request a free brochure or call us: 
+ 31 (0)321 387 730.

A positive user experience by a play corner

It’s not just the quality of your products and services, but also the immediate surroundings that contribute to a positive user experience. You want to do everything to make the time people spend with you be as pleasant as possible. Our expert and creative designers will gladly contribute to that by introducing a play solution. Proactively working with you & your team, we can find the perfect child-friendly option that will bring satisfaction to all your visitors, young and old alike. It starts with a complete 3D visual of the design, so you have a clear image of what the kid’s corner will look like.

A safe and easy to clean kids corner

When kids enjoy being in your organisation, that is positive for the children as well the others within the environment. The place you provide for the children, also allows you to have a conversation with your visitor, without unwelcome interference. Whether that is at the desk of your local authority, with a bank teller or in the restaurant of your airport. Request a free brochure or call us: + 31 (0)321 387 730.


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