Kids corner Hospitality

Kids corner Hospitality

Kids corner Hospitality

Child-friendly is hospitality

A child-friendly environment contributes to the experience children, parents and other guests will have in your establishment. As a catering entrepreneur you have your hands on a great thing. In such a business normal products are transformed into something special. And by doing something special with the produce you cook, you’re adding value. It is important to do the same to the environment, so you enhance a great experience still further.

Together with you, Instore Kids Corners creates a play experience perfectly befitting your restaurant, café or hotel. The kid’s corner will be custom made to match your house-style. That’s right: safe and hygienic play corners especially for the catering sector. Request a free brochure or call us:
+ 31 (0)321 387 730.


Taking your entire family out for dinner can be a true delight. However, unhappy kids can provide an unpleasant atmosphere in any restaurant, café or hotel. Thanks to the Instore Kids Corners interactive play equipment, the grown-ups can enjoy their dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, while the kids are occupied in their dedicated play zone. On our kid’s corner menu there is a wide variety of wonderful, inventive and educational play modules. Whether they jump on the board a train, become a part of the circus, have a look around in the galaxy or dance through the orchard picking fruits; our wonderful play spaces are always a hit. And this will free your time to spend with your guests.

Possible anywhere

However large or small the space is that you have, together we will create a nice place for children to release their energy, be creative and imaginative in. A kid’s corner can be built in spaces starting from just 1m². Curious about the possibilities for your catering company? Contact us without obligations. Request a free brochure or call us: + 31 (0)321 387 730


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