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IKC gives 4 tips for a good childrens corner

Tip 1. Pay attention to the play activities of children of different ages.

IKC has developed forms of play products appropriate for a variety of ages. These can be roughly divided into 2 categories;

- for children aged 1 to 6 we have PlayModules and a more traditional style of games.
- for children over 6, we usually find interactive games are the preferred choice.

Tip 2. Pay attention to the location of the children's corner in your organisation.

You get the most out of a visitor / customer when he or she is at ease, while the children can still have fun. It is best to place the children's corner centrally at your location, so that supervision of children is easily made possible. This is especially the case with a retail business: locate the play area in front of the checkout but not too close to the exit, allowing visitors to enjoy their shopping for longer.

Tip 3. Buy safe and sustainable toys.

IKC products are made of beech wood and MDF, materials which give the end products the warm feel – a real ‘quality touch’. Game modules are screen-printed, in the traditional way, right after they have been sprayed in our paint shop. We use a water based paint that has been carefully tested for safety for the children who play with our products. Watch as the children run their sensitive fingers over the surface of each piece. Even young ones can understand that they’re feeling a pleasant texture.

Tip 4. Make the children's corner part of your marketing mix.

Show your children's corner on your website, allowing visitors to orient themselves before they come to you. A good, fun children's corner provides strong memories of your organisation.

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